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Jacob's Ladder

Jacobs Ladder is a nonprofit private school accredited through SAIS-SACS (Southern Association of Independent Schools and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools). The school is authorized to participate in the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program (Senate Bill 10).

Jacobs Ladder is the place where hope resides for students of every age and ability. Profoundly therapeutic in nature and undergirded by a culture of hope, truth, and love, the schools intensive, individualized, and evidence-based methodology adheres to a whole-brain, whole-student approach with proven success. Grounded in science, guided by love, and delivered with an unwavering commitment to see beyond diagnoses the schools brain-based interventions are founded upon the latest research in neuroscience that provides a sure knowledge that the brain is malleable and constantly changing.

Each student entering Jacobs Ladder completes a comprehensive evaluation that includes a nutritional consultation, a global neurodevelopmental assessment, and a brain map. The nutritional consultation is completed by a dietician who is also a 19-year Emory lecturer in health and nutrition and mother to a beloved, longtime Jacobs Ladder student.

The global neurodevelopmental assessment is completed by a dedicated clinical team that takes into consideration 175 essential indicators related primarily to a students neurodevelopmental learning style and social-emotional-behavioral well-being. The assessment discerns integration of the 17 early reflexes and evaluates overall health and organization of the central nervous system by looking more specifically at health and organization within each of the input channels (tactility, auditory, and visual) and output channels (language, manual, and gross motor).

The brain map utilizes Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) technology to determine the areas of the brain experiencing excessive or deficient activity within a specific frequency. The map provides a quantitative assessment of areas of brain dysfunction as well as information on impaired conduction and connectivity between different regional neural networks. It is used to evaluate the nature and severity of dysregulation within the brain.

Based on findings during the evaluation, a very intentional, specific, and customized program is designed for each individual student, and a placement is recommended within Jacobs Ladder. Programming encompasses a multidisciplinary approach that consists of hundreds of interventions to be completed consistently, daily, and with high intensity. Implementation is provided by a dedicated team of teachers, who come from a variety of extensive, related education and expertise, and who care deeply about the schools mission and the families it serves. Placement is determined based on many factors, such as the level of support that will ensure a student experiences consistent challenges and successes, and may include:

1:1 Learning, which offers the highest level of support while incorporating opportunities for expanded peer ratios and strategic blending into a group environment.

Group Learning, which offers students the opportunity to rise to the challenge of completing their individualized programs in a classroom where group activities are increased within a more rigorous academic focus.

HOPE School, which offers a multidimensional program that uniquely offers a psychoeducational curriculum based on student treatment goals with a neurodevelopmental focus on academic achievement in the classroom.

Community of Care Remote Programming, which offers remote caseload management for student programming off campus.

Students are not stagnant. They are ever-changing regularly experiencing new breakthroughs and opportunities, as they move along their journeys. Programming and placement are reflective of this reality; it can and will change throughout each school year to meet students at their highest challenge point.

For a tour, contact Melissa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To donate to the Jacob Ladders scholarship fund, text the word CLIMB to 44321.

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