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Jyl Craven Hair Design

Exclusively Outside the Perimeter

Upon entering Jyl Craven Hair Design, you will notice a clean, modern atmosphere; a vast line of professional products; and fashionable, refined stylists who are diligently going about making their guests look amazing. Since 1999, the salon has provided an experience that most would expect to only receive inside the perimeter. As a member of Intercoiffure North America Canada, guests who visit Jyl Craven Hair Design can be confident they will receive the best in quality and professional expertise.

Jyl Craven Hair Design serves guests of all ages. Designing hairstyles that accentuate your personality, benefit your lifestyle, and compliment your natural features is something the professionals at the salon do every day.
There are many places for people to get haircuts and hair color services. We want to be the salon that creates an experience that transcends the idea of receiving something that seems so predictable, said Owner Jason Craven.

Color Services

If you want to cover your grays or desire something more unique, like balayage, ombre, or highlighting, Jyl Craven hairdressers have the training and tools to make your dream a reality.

Before getting started, the hairdresser meets with each guest for a color consultation. While the guest reviews color books with hair samples that show all the nuances of color shades, the hairdresser will assess details like hair texture, strand length, and density. Once the perfect hair color is chosen, the salon uses a technology provided by SureTint to help determine the exact color formulation based on the guests individual hair features. This app also guarantees that color services can easily be duplicated with each returning visit.

Fine & Thinning Hair Solutions

Since 2012, the salon has offered the Evolve Volumizer. The Evolve Volumizer is a nonsurgical, integrated hair replacement system for women experiencing up to 50% hair loss on the crown or top of their head. This hair system addresses all the needs and desires that a woman has for fuller, thicker, denser hair. It produces immediate results and requires no glue, no adhesives, and no chemicals.

Many women take pride in their hair, and it can be a strong source of self-confidence for them. As strands fall out, so does their sense of security about themselves, said Jyl Craven.

A ladys hair plays a huge role in self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-image. Her hair often defines who she is. The Evolve Volumizer doesnt change who you are; it changes how you feel about you.

Mens Hair Care

Gone are the days when only women went to a hair salon. Today, more and more men seek out experienced hairdressers who provide individualized attention and custom styles. From soft parts to hard parts and fades to undercuts, Jyl Craven hairdressers are continually creating specialized styles for men. The full line of Baxter of California grooming products is available to help men support their styling and grooming needs.

Hair Care Products

Have you ever left a hair salon looking beautiful and then failed to recreate that style in your home? That should never happen. Jyl Craven hairdressers will take the time to show you how to maintain your new style and how to take care of your hair. Part of that care means using the same salon hair-care products and appliances in your home.

Summer Smoothing Treatments

For some people, summertime means summer frizz. No matter what hair-care product they put on their tresses, once the humidity hits, the frizz starts. If youre one of these lucky people, keratin smoothing treatments may solve your problem. Jyl Craven offers three options:

Express Blow-Out Reduces frizz and curl on a more temporary basis. This service may last up to six weeks.

Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment Reduces frizz and curl while repairing damage and blocking the frizzing effects of humidity. This service may last up to five months.

Personalized Blowout Great for frizz control, while improving manageability and giving more shine.
This service can last up to three months.

Apprenticeship Program

Are you interested in a career in the beauty industry? If you love making people look and feel beautiful, the Jyl Craven Hair Design Apprentice Program may be the right place to start. Participating in an apprenticeship program enables future hairdressers to get real-world, on-the-job training. Experienced trainers work with apprentices to teach hair cutting, coloring, and styling. For more information, inquiries can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Jyl Craven Hair Design

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