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We want the R & D Mechanical name to mean something. We want R & D Mechanical to be the best of the best. 

Since starting R & D Mechanical Services in 2000, owners Robbie and Dana Matiak have followed a single principle that serves as the foundation of the entire company: to meet your HVAC needs with integrity. We know there are a lot of HVAC companies out there, so we have set our own high standards to make R & D Mechanical different, says Robbie. We want the R & D Mechanical name to mean something. We want R & D Mechanical to be the best of the best.

Robbie, who has more than 27 years of field and operations experience in the HVAC industry, says he always knew he would have his own company. I feel like I was called to the HVAC industry. I love fixing problems and serving people, he says. This company isnt just about making money; its about trust and relationships. We are willing to sacrifice revenue in order to maintain our own high standards for quality and integrity.

As R & D Mechanical has grown over the years, Robbie and Dana have welcomed their children into the family business. Their son, Heath Matiak, is operations manager, and their daughter, Ashleigh Rich, has moved from the role of dispatcher over to the role of bookkeeper. Robbie says, With Heath and Ashleigh working in the company, customers have confidence in knowing R & D will continue to offer the same quality, dependable service for many years to come.

R & D also wants to make sure that everyone who works within their company understands that doing the right thing and treating other employees as they would like to be treated is intrinsic in their companys work ethic. In fact, R & D Mechanical operates under 16 core values. They use these values as standards when hiring new team members. Some key points include living and working with the highest sense of integrity and character, being themselves, whether in public or in private, always doing as they have promised, being fair and honest, treating customers with respect, giving customers more than they expect and meeting customers needs without selling, just to name a few. Robbie and the R & D Mechanical team stand by their core values day-in-and-day-out conscientiously displaying them on the company website and on advertising campaigns. I have always believed that if you concentrate on doing what is right, then everything else will work out, he says.

After securing quality team members, R & D Mechanical also wants to make sure that they are making their lives better. Every January, the team members meet to discuss the expectations, goals and focus for the year. R & D Mechanicals team members are at the top of their priority list. Heath notes, If we serve each other first, we will serve our customers even more so. The term team member was a very deliberate decision for the company; Robbie wants everyone at R & D to know that they are, working with us and not for us. The focus on valuing family time is also conveyed by allowing the on-call service technicians to control their schedules when emergency calls are needed. If there is a planned family activity, technicians are encouraged to make it known and to ask other technicians to assist in the emergency service calls with customers. As always with R & D, family is first priority. It should also be noted that all R & D Mechanicals service technicians participate in ongoing education of new industry requirements and new products released.

Their level of commitment to quality, in both service and employees, has established R & D Mechanical as a dependable, trustworthy company with consistent results. People return and refer others because they know R & D values them as customers first. We dont try to up-sell our customers, and we dont offer cookie-cutter systems and solutions, Robbie says. We believe in informing and educating customers on all available options based on their individual needs. We help customers make the best decision that is right for them because, ultimately, that is best for the company.

In addition to putting the focus on customers, family and team members, Robbie and his crew are active in the community. R & D Mechanical has sponsored the Kennesaw Grand Prix Series, and they also partner heavily with MUST Ministries and their Save It Forward program, with which Dana Matiak is heavily involved. Other organizations that they have partnered with include Next Steps Ministry in Woodstock and Cloud Walk Ministry in Alpharetta. However, the team members at R & D are most proud of quietly helping individuals in their community. Whether its installing a new, low or no-cost furnace or system for someone who was without heat during the winter or doing labor at cost to help families in need save money, R & D continues to show their actions speak louder than their words.

R & D Mechanical currently operates at about a 70/30 split between commercial and residential work. They offer HVAC installation, repair, upgrades and preventative maintenance. The company uses reputable, name brand products that are known for quality, durability and affordability including Trane, Carrier and Liebert. R & D Mechanical is a NATE-certified company. They back all work according to manufacturers warranty, as well as their own 1-year labor warranty. Technicians are on call until 8 pm, Friday-Monday, to assist existing customers in emergency service situations. We aim to under-promise and over-deliver at all times, says Robbie. To learn more about the companys values, its people, what they do and what sets them apart, please visit

R&D Mechanical Services, Inc.

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