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Row House Roswell

Get Rowing This New Year

By Anna Teal

A New Exercise Regime on the Roswell Scene

It’s that time again – January is typically a period of reflection and goal setting. Specifically, those who are striving to get back on the fitness bandwagon after a gluttonous holiday season. Let’s face it, in 2020, we all “ate” our feelings to a certain extent. But, as we venture into a fresh new year, a revolutionary fitness solution has emerged on the Roswell scene called Row House. No matter if you’re an accomplished athlete or just dipping your toe into the workout pond, Row House has much to offer for those looking to leave the weight (literally!) of 2020 behind them.

Founder and athlete Kirk Cunningham and his wife Stephanie, who is a retired schoolteacher, decided to embark on a new adventure to bring the Row House franchise to their friendly Roswell community. Their passion for fitness sparked a desire to provide a rowing-based program designed to burn calories, improve posture, and strengthen the body from head to toe.

“We wanted to invest in a new and innovative fitness solution that will benefit all people, no matter their fitness level,” explains Kirk, and their dream became a reality when they opened Row House Roswell in November.

The Benefits of Rowing
Row House has a total of six programs that produce maximum results by engaging over 85% of the body’s muscles (legs, core, arms, and back), delivering a perfect balance of aerobic endurance and muscular strength combined into one workout. Each program touts benefits backed by science and data, proven to deliver an effective workout unlike any other.

  1. Aerobic Exercise gets the heart pumping while increasing oxygen intake to help meet cardio goals.
  2. Weight Loss is achieved by alternating high and low rowing intensity, boosting the fat-burning process.
  3. Strength is achieved through the classic pulling and pushing rowing motion.
  4. Low Impact rowing is gentle on joints but still gets the heart rate up while breaking a sweat and building muscle.
  5. Increased Endurance develops with short bursts on and off the rowing machine.
  6. Community Engagement fosters fitness goals for growth. It’s all about people, connection, strength, and community.

Six Classes To Build Strength, Endurance, and Confidence
Row House offers six programs for all levels of fitness, created to keep workouts interesting while avoiding plateaus. All classes are specially designed with a music-driven playlist to inspire a smooth flow of movement to various rhythmic beats. Using these fitness programs, members spend around 60% of their time on the rower and 40% on strength and core training with weights.

  1. Signature – The most popular class with rowing intervals and low impact, full body exercises.
  2. Power – Take rowing to the next level with this heart pumping, low impact, high intensity, interval training class.
  3. Full Row – Increase endurance with this calorie burning workout that’s easy on joints and low risk for injury.
  4. Restore – Restore balance to the body and flow through a series of dynamic stretches between rowing intervals.
  5. Express Signature – An efficient and effective 30-minute version of the Signature class.
  6. Foundation – For those just starting their Row House journey, learn the fundamentals of rowing with emphasis on the rowing stroke.

All programs are held in a dimly lit environment and guided by experienced and certified coaches who have group fitness or rowing backgrounds. They readily assist with form and technique while inspiring the class as they move through the program.

Row House Go
For those looking for a virtual option, Row House offers all the amazing benefits of an in-studio session from the comfort of home. Enjoy a tailored, low impact workout that builds muscle and burns calories with a 45-minute full body virtual rowing experience. Row House also has a handful of rowers that can be rented with just one phone call to the studio.

A Clean Rowing Experience
What makes Row House so different is its unique single station setup. When members start their class, they are assigned a rower and equipment that is exclusively theirs throughout the entire workout. After each program, Row House staff members clean all machines and equipment with a high-grade disinfectant that’s extremely effective against COVID-19. They also use a fog machine daily to maintain the highest level of cleanliness for their guests.

“We want our members to feel comfortable knowing they are in a clean environment while having fun and striving to reach their fitness goals,” says Stephanie.

Ready To Row?
Give Row House Roswell a try by signing up for a FREE class. The most popular membership is $159/month, which includes unlimited access to all classes. Other customized programs and membership options are available upon request. Mention this article and receive 25% off the first month of membership. Keep the 25% savings or choose to donate it to a favorite charity.

Row House is located in the Sprouts shopping center in between Chipotle and Starbucks, which is at the corner of Alpharetta Highway and Mansell Road.

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