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South On Main

Creating Your Home in Woodstock's Village Within a Village

By Ellen Samsell Salas

John Wieland has spent 50 years turning his passion — “creating great livable homes and great livable neighborhoods” — into reality. His mission has been to build spaces that will enhance residents’ lives. “It’s what I love, what I know how to do, and it reflects my interest in home as the primary enriching environment,” Wieland said.

In the South on Main (SOM) community now taking shape in the heart of Woodstock, Wieland and his team at the JW Collection (JWC) are dedicated to building a special place that blends seamlessly with its neighboring community.

Combining quality homes rich in architectural character and detail with thoughtful neighborhood design, South on Main has the small-town feel of a village. Amenities, including sidewalks, a residents’ clubhouse, pool and splash pool, fitness center, and community garden, encourage not only healthy living but also neighbors getting to know each other.

Within walking distance of downtown Woodstock’s shops and restaurants, and with easy access to bike paths and the Noonday Creek Trail, SOM embodies the 21st century shift to living in an “urban village.”

Range of Homes Fosters Multigenerational Community

Offering dozens of plans from $400K to $800K, SOM includes luxury townhouses as well as single-family homes and appeals to a broad range of homeowners. Young, first-time home buyers will find the space, function, and style that suit their lifestyle in one of SOM’s townhouse plans. Growing families will find room to expand in the spacious Bishop plan. Those over 55 may choose an elevator-capable plan.

“We’ve created a mix of housing types and prices, so that we can reach a broad range of homeowners and build a cosmopolitan, ‘new urban village,’” Wieland explained. “We’re extremely multigenerational. We have families, singles, retirees. This reflects a change in American living tastes. We don’t want to be in our own demographic haven. If you’re older, it’s nice to go to the pool and see little kids, and it’s nice for those little kids to see older people.”

Creating a Village

Adapting to the 21st century move away from the “big-lot riding mower” era, SOM’s design and amenities encourage community. Nearly all homes have porches, and sidewalks will line each street. The 6,000+ square foot clubhouse, centrally located near the majestic century oak tree that welcomes residents, enhances the neighborhood spirit.

“Now we’re in the era of discovering that the person next door might be really interesting; we might have things in common,” Wieland said.

This personalization is apparent when one drives through the neighborhood and sees the unique ways homeowners have expressed themselves via their front porches.

“One will have chairs, a table and plants; another will have their college pennant and a bench,” Wieland recalled. “These touches create the individuality of the neighborhood, and they draw people out to enjoy their space and get to know their neighbors.”

Even amid pandemic restrictions, Wieland says, homeowners have found ways to come together, hosting a taco truck event in one of SOM’s green spaces, setting up a neighborhood lending library, and helping each other cultivate garden boxes, which can be rented for $50 a year.

Creating Character Homes, Not Houses

At the heart of each South on Main home is JWC’s signature quality and character. Wieland happily insists that JWC is not a corporate operation that aims to build 30,000 homes per year.

“We want to be the village builder, not the volume builder,” Wieland said.

Each home is unique, built so that owners are happiest when they are home. Noting that buying a home is often the biggest single expenditure people make, Wieland added that SOM’s team of architects, contractors, and designers are dedicated to ensuring that owners — not the JWC — choose the features that suit their lifestyle and make them happy. To facilitate that, each plan includes an allowance for enhanced features.

“We create a three-way team to support every customer; someone on the sales side, the construction side, the design side,” Wieland said. “Our customers build a personal relationship with their team. We welcome them to stop in, visit their home as it takes shape. We keep them updated weekly via email or phone call. It’s a personal approach to homebuilding. We want to know what they need to make their home special.”

The building process, which runs from four to eight months, also includes scheduled visits where owners view their future home. After 11 months of living in their home, owners are asked to give a report on their satisfaction.

“My business is all about special places, homes, and neighborhoods that both reflect and shape us,” said Wieland. “This is my history as a homebuilder and developer. We want to build special places that enrich people’s lives.”

Every JWC home includes JWC’s Green Living featuring a limited 10-year warranty.

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