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The Exercise Coach

Strength Changes Everything

By Anna Teal


Age Healthy and Strong
The Exercise Coach® in Alpharetta is making waves in its community with an innovative approach to the art of working out and aging well. The company’s certified coaches provide guided workouts, utilizing a unique Exerbotics® testing process to analyze the baseline muscle condition of every customer. For those who don’t enjoy the typical gym scene, this program is truly the antithesis.

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade
Eric Roberts, owner of The Exercise Coach, was not always a big fan of the gym.

“I really didn’t like working out. When I tell people this, they laugh because I’m not your typical gym-goer, but I own a health and fitness studio,” says Roberts.

He found out about The Exercise Coach franchise after being laid off from his corporate job in 2019. A friend in Nashville, Tennessee, introduced him to the program, and the rest is history. What Roberts loves most about his new adventure is that he’s able to give back to his community in a way that generates jobs and helps others live a healthy, feel-good lifestyle.

“It definitely beats the corporate life,” says Roberts. His determination to turn a lemon of a layoff into a lemonade situation is an inspiration to many.

A Scientifically Personalized Workout
Those who book an appointment with Roberts and his team will experience a truly customized experience. The first session is designed to create a baseline for performance. Coaches guide their clients through an Exerbotics® testing process to analyze their overall fitness and range of motion.

“Every customer is unique. We tailor the workouts to challenge them against their own baselines for improvement,” explains Roberts.

The Exerbotics Intelligence Platform generates a personal strength workout for coaches and clients to follow. Real-time feedback combined with strength measurements enables safe, efficient, and effective workouts in just 20 minutes, which enables clients to get stronger and healthier within minutes of their first workout. This approach prevents injury by gently pushing limits to strengthen muscles over time. Throughout each client’s workout journey, adjustments are made to maximize results.

“Our clients enjoy many benefits from their workouts that improve strength, metabolism, blood pressure, and energy level, and also help achieve weight loss goals,” says Roberts.

The program is known for targeting and improving sarcopenia, which is a loss of muscle mass when aging.

For those looking to further optimize their weight loss goals, The Exercise Coach offers nutritional guidance called the Metabolic Comeback™, which is designed to get hormones back on track and reset metabolism in as little as 30 days. The plan combines whole effort exercise, whole food nutrition, and strategic supplementation.

Psychological Motivation
At any age, getting motivated to work out seems to be a universal challenge. For this reason, The Exercise Coach program is a perfect solution. Those who may not enjoy working out or who have very busy schedules typically have great success. Each program is only 20 minutes, which already seems less intimidating.

Every workout comes with a highly experienced, certified exercise coach.

“People tend to work harder when someone is alongside them, cheering them on while holding them accountable for their goals,” says Roberts.

Clients can quantify and visibly see their progress, which helps them stick with the program.

“The 20-minute sessions include high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is high-intensity effort followed by recovery periods. The benefits from HIIT are numerous including cardiovascular health, targeting abdominal fat, and weight loss,” says Roberts.

Strict COVID-19 Guidelines
Staff members are required to wear a mask at all times. Temperature checks and handwashing/sanitation policies are strictly enforced to ensure a safe space for exercise. All cleaning products are EPA certified, and surfaces are protected with a MicroShield360™, which kills bacteria and viruses on contact.

“Our clients’ safety is our top priority. Our semiprivate, one-on-one approach allows us to provide a safe environment for our clients and coaches. We make sure to practice social distancing while having no more than a few people in the studio at a time,” explains Roberts.

For those looking to give The Exercise Coach a try, the Alpharetta location is offering two free sessions. Simply visit the website or call to schedule an appointment.


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