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By Patti Richter


The city of Woodstock answers the needs of the young, the old, and most everyone in between. The downtown, especially, has a distinct quality that sets it apart from many others. These are only two reasons why Aaron Vincent came to live here with his wife, Jessica, in 2005.

Vincent’s family has since grown to include three children. And his business, Vincent Financial Group, is also more visible. It’s on Main Street, just a few blocks south of Woodstock’s downtown pie and coffee spots.

“We love Woodstock,” Vincent says.


Financial Planning Navigators

Besides investing himself in Woodstock’s Jubilee Church and local charitable organizations, Vincent has invested in the city itself. With his business partner and fellow Jubilee member, Matt Decker, Vincent recently bought a newly constructed brick office building at 9200 Main Street. Vincent Financial Group now occupies half of the 5,000-square-foot space.

Like the unique new office, Vincent Financial Group avoids the one-size-fits-all approach that “simply cannot work for everyone,” says Decker, who also lives in Woodstock with his wife, Kate, and their three children. “It further limits opportunities to innovative, outside-the-box thinking.”

“Many in our profession offer a self-serving, one-sided approach since they are licensed only to provide certain products,” Vincent adds. “Therefore, their advice is limited to those solutions.”

Instead of general investment management, Vincent Financial Group offers tailored planning with investments managed accordingly.

“We’ve pooled our knowledge and years of experience, which enables us to provide solutions most firms cannot. We emphasize service with a holistic approach that considers a client’s season of life, goals, expectations, needs, and desires,” says Vincent.

As licensed Certified Financial Planners, Vincent and Decker ensure the best possible advice to help their clients navigate the complexities of financial planning and weather the inevitable challenges.

“We customize every portfolio for the specific client. Your financial situation is unique. Your financial plan should be, too,” says Decker.


A Broad Approach

Vincent Financial Group’s vision is to be a trusted, unbiased resource. Both Vincent and Decker are fiduciaries, which Vincent says is an important element in choosing a financial advisor.

“Besides our personal and moral commitment to our clients, we are further obligated by our licenses and designations to act ethically in their interest — not our own,” says Vincent. “While some advisors offer a short-sided approach that puts people in an investment box that comes in three sizes — conservative, moderate, or aggressive — we serve our clients by offering a broad range of options.”

Decker adds, “Some of our clients have already accumulated their wealth; they need advice on how to create optimal income streams for retirement. Others are still working and saving; they need advice on how best to do that. Some others find themselves paying too much in taxes; we help with those issues, too.”

“We offer expertise in asset protection, wealth accumulation, and investment management,” Vincent says. “Our clients often ask how much risk they should or shouldn’t take. We advise them to take only enough risk to meet their goals, never too much to potentially derail their plan.”

Vincent knows that many people may be intimidated by the idea of seeking a financial planner or investment manager.

“Maybe they don’t know what questions to ask, or they may be uncertain about whether they have enough income or savings to merit an investment plan. But financial advisors are not just for people with millions of dollars. We want to be approachable,” says Vincent.


All Available Options

Early in their financial planning careers, Vincent and Decker reviewed thousands of plans that focused on one aspect of investments.

In contrast, Vincent says, “Our group includes a team of experts who help us find the right combination of aggressive, safe, and even tax-efficient strategies for clients.”

Vincent and Decker focus on getting to know their clients’ backgrounds, families, financial assets, and desired outcomes, so that they can bring together all the available options that will fit each client’s needs. They also meet regularly with clients to help them feel confident in their plan.

“We would love the chance to provide financial guidance to someone for the first time or to offer a second opinion on a person’s existing strategy,” says Vincent.


“Financial advisors are not just for people with millions of dollars. We want to be approachable.” –Aaron Vincent, CFP®

“Your financial situation is unique. Your financial plan should be, too.”
–Matt Decker, CFP®


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