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Dancing with the Stars Contestant Raises Funds and Awareness for Cherokee’s Special Olympics Dance Team

Louis Van Amstel, a three-time World Dance Champion and recurring star of Dancing with the Stars, visited Woodstock to help raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics Dance in Cherokee County. As part of Van Amstel’s efforts to make dance an official sport, he created LaBlast Special Olympics Dance Teams. “LaBlast” is the name of Van Amstel’s world-renowned dance fitness program. Van Amstel recently held LaBlast open classes with Cherokee County resident Laura Mikszan, 2020 LaBlast Instructor of the Year, to help implement a pilot program in Georgia. “Dance is such a powerful way to unify people across age, fitness level, and ability. LaBlast especially gives these special populations the freedom and accessibility to express their creativity and enhance their sense of well-being,” said Mikszan.