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Elm Street’s Reeves House Set To Open This Spring

The visual arts center will be a home for the community to discover something new about each other and themselves, by offering:

• A gallery that features rotating art exhibits from local, regional, and national artists.
• A coffee and wine bar that serves as a hub for the community to connect.
• Classes for all levels, including those picking up a paint brush for the first time or veteran artists sharpening their skills.
• Events that enhance the community pulse such as jazz nights, opening exhibitions, slam poetry, and coffee pouring competitions.

“We need more places like what we are trying to build here. Not just the structure of a home from our history, not just a place to discover art, but a place to celebrate community, to find humanity in all that we do,” said Christopher Brazelton, executive director at Elm Street Cultural Arts Village.

If you want to show your heart for the arts and Elm Street, visit to make a donation to help close the remaining 3% funding gap for The Reeves House.