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Hickory Flat Fire Chief Larry Berry Retires


Hickory Flat Volunteer Fire Chief, Larry Berry, recently retired after 40 years as a volunteer firefighter and 37 years as fire chief. Nearly 100 friends, relatives and firefighters attended a retirement celebration at station 23 in Hickory Flat.

Fellow officers discussed Berrys impact on the community and the county as a whole. Chief Berry was instrumental in building the Volunteer Firefighters Organization, said Tim Crossland, the new Hickory Flat Volunteer Fire Chief. He then added that, beginning in the 1970s, Chief Berry set high training standards, which enabled many volunteers to pursue firefighting careers. Crossland estimated that as many as 35% of Hickory Flat volunteers have become career firefighters.

Even after retirement, Berrys legacy will continue, as the firefighters he recruited and trained help citizens in fire stations throughout the county. Berrys final radio call came through at 8:30 pm on March 14, 2016.

After a series of tones representing fire stations throughout the county, the dispatcher thanked Chief Larry Berry for 40 years of service. Following the dispatch, firefighters sent messages of appreciation to a chief who has made a difference in Hickory Flat and beyond. Berry will continue to serve on the HFFD, Inc. Board of Trustees.