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Service League of Cherokee County Awards Local Scholarships

The Service League of Cherokee County awarded $24,000 in scholarships to 19 deserving seniors who graduated recently from local Cherokee County high schools. Students receiving the scholarships included: Emily Huffman, Henry (Luke) Neese and John Bowling, River Ridge High School; and Evan Ezell, James (J.F.) Harris and Devon Higgins, Sequoyah High School.

The Service League also made a $1,000 contribution to the High School Credit Recovery Class Scholarship program administered by the Cherokee County School District (CCSD). In addition, last fall the Service League awarded $1,000 in scholarship funds to Reinhardt University student Virginia Hutton as part of Reinhardt University's "A DAY for Reinhardt" program. Sherry Wallace, who serves as chair of the Service League's 2014 Scholarship Committee, said, "As parents, we want our children to receive the message: 'You have worth.' The Service League scholarship program is one of many venues we use to support and invest in local teens. Scholarship recipients represent an array of talents and accomplishments, and we want to champion them on to greater achievements. Then, hopefully someday, when given the opportunity, they will be conscientious about offering a helping hand and serving others in need."