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CCSD Students Continue To Top National, State Averages on AP Exams (2)

For the 11th consecutive year, Cherokee County School District (CCSD) high schools have earned top honors for outstanding Advanced Placement (AP) programs and performance that continues to exceed national and state averages.

All CCSD high schools were named Georgia 2021 AP Honor Schools for exceptional student performance and participation on AP exams, which offer students more challenging coursework and the opportunity to earn college credit.

Overall, CCSD students who took the exam earned passing scores of three or higher on 72% of the 4,640 tests administered last school year, as compared to 61% for Georgia and 59% nationwide. In looking specifically at the Class of 2020, including those who did not take AP courses or exams, 32% of all CCSD graduates scored at least a three or higher on one exam or more, as compared to 23% for Georgia and 24% nationwide.

Assuming each passing AP exam equals one college course, these students save significantly on the cost of college, translating to an overall $4.4 million savings in Georgia in-state college tuition.

“Despite the obstacles faced during their final weeks of school last spring, our high school students triumphed on their AP exams. We’re so proud of their success and the dedication of their teachers who rose to the challenges of teaching them remotely last spring,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said. “Offering our college-bound students a wide variety of AP courses is an important preparation for their future success, and these results affirm the value of our community’s investment.”