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Woodstock MS Wins CCSD Middle School Academic Bowl


Woodstock Middle Schools team won the Cherokee County School District 2015 Middle School Academic Bowl.

The team, led by Captain Michael Brown, includes Dayne Bergman, Abby Borland, Laney Brussard, Caitlan Callahan, Tess Cope, Abi Halls, Bryce Hunter, Daniel Jackson, Camilo Rincon and Matt Rudolph. The coaches are teachers, Charmaine Spink and Rosa Frederick.

The competition between the seven middle schools was hosted by Teasley Middle School. For the first time in CCSD history, there was a three-way tie for first place, which was finally decided by a three-question tie-breaker.

Woodstock Middle Schools team will represent CCSD at the PAGE Regional Academic Bowl on January 9, 2016.